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Health Improvement Program

This program is designed for generally healthy individuals, with no red figure on their health reports. However, they wish to improve their body conditions as they understand “prevention is better than cure”.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Program

Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) refers to the use of nutrition science and evidence-based approaches to manage and treat various medical conditions. It involves the assessment of an individual's nutritional status and the development of a personalized nutrition plan to help prevent, manage, or treat specific health conditions.

The goal of medical nutrition therapy is to optimize a person's overall health and well-being by addressing their unique nutritional needs and dietary requirements. It is typically conducted by registered dietitians or nutritionists who have specialized knowledge and training in the field of medical nutrition.

Specialized Program

The specialized program is specially designed for clients who need help from others aside from a dietitian.

Cater to every specific needs of our clients, we provide a wide array of program such as Eating Disorder Program, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Program, Calorie-Counting Workshop and more.

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Appreciate for all your good words and never fail to encourage me to lose more weight. I seriously didn't expect to lose 6kgs in 3 months despite of having a very busy schedules and stress at work. Thank you again Sid and Diet Ideas team.


I got a lot of information on proper diet, exercise to build muscle and how to maintain my lifestyle after I have finished the program. The teams were very helpful and really fun to help me change my lifestyle.


I thought it was impossible to get pregnant, I lost 8kg and my period came late. Now, I am in my pregnancy journey, thanks to Diet Ideas


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