Diet Ideas 3rd Year Anniversary

It’s been 3 years, and here we go again!

Diet Ideas started since 3rd July 2020, and now has stepped into its third years. Starting from nowhere, It is a matter of great pride to see the company growing, achieving goals and started to receive attention from the public.

From the past

From the past 3 years, Diet Ideas has impacted more than 2,000 lives. We have witnessed clients who stopped medications after 6-9 months, who transformed to another person after losing weight, who is able to become pregnant while being diagnosed with PCOS, and more!

The company is not always run smooth without a hitch. As a start-up, Diet Ideas went through a lot of ups and downs. Diet Ideas's team (who we referred to as family members) work together, putting their blood and sweat into it to fix any problems that might come from anytime, anywhere.

Thank you, team!

In the future

Diet Ideas Satellite Clinics

Diet Ideas is going to build at least 3 satellite clinic next year.
This is to improve company’s presence in the society, at the same time to benefits those who need an easy access for face to face consultation.

The first satellite clinic is at Puncak Alam, where it is a collaboration between Diet Ideas and MATA. The second one would be in Penang soon. 

Future x

Diet Ideas would also like to empower dietitians and nutritionist to embark in upcoming project - Future X.

It is a semi-platform to help enhance the economy of dietitians and nutritionists in Malaysia, at the same time improve the industry value, and indirectly improve Malaysia's health as a result.

With Future X, Diet Ideas will also expand virtually in the Southeast Asia, started from Singapore, Brunei and followed by Indonesia in the next 5 years! 

New brand logo & identity

Diet Ideas is changing to its new logo after 3 years.

It is not merely a change in image, but a reason behind it.

The current logo is against the rules of healthcare professionals,
As Diet Ideas does not aim for superior, but more to be accessible to everyone.

It is important to respect what people wants, and at the same time build their mindsets to be proactive when it comes to their health, rather than just tell them what to do.

And the colours? They symbolized the colourful and variety of food choices that power people’s health. A healthy diet is not only limited to bland, dull and boiled food. Healthy diet can be vibrant and fun!

Diet Ideas is here to disrupt the healthcare system, and the mission is to change people’s perception towards diet and

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Thank you

Thank you for all the guests who witnessed the 3rd anniversary.

Diet Ideas is also grabbing the chance to thank all the clients and supporters who trust in us, let’s continue to walk the path together!