About Us

We help people to improve their health conditions and overall healthcare through diet and nutrition intervention.

While we are on a mission to help in improving people’s life through nutrition, our work and quality that we delivered has been recognized, received few recognitions and won an award during a competition. Diet Ideas has won few awards :

1) Top 5 Winner Selangor Accelerator Program, Sidec 2022 (Competing with more than 200++ companies)
2) “The Best Online Diet Company” from by Natural Health Reader’s Choice Awards 2020.
3) “Best Mobile Nutrition Therapy Company” by Natural Health Reader’s Choice Awards 2020.

How are we able to do it?

It’s very simple, our goal from the start is to help people to eat anything and everything without limitations, so that they can have a sustainable lifestyle after the program ends and still achieve their health goals.

We do not force, yet we help our clients to understand how food can become a medicine to them. With this approach, a lot of people experienced the impacts that Diet Ideas brings to their life! 

About Us

Our Vision & Mission

  • To help in improving non communicable diseases in Malaysia through nutrition and lifestyle intervention. 
  • Provide easy access to our customers to reach dietitians and nutritionist in Malaysia.
  • To be the top nutrition healthcare provider in Malaysia by providing a revolution to Dietetics & Nutrition landscape in Malaysia.

Business Partners

We work with

Hospital & Clinics

A multidisciplinary team works better but does no harm to a patient. Diet Ideas is open to collaborate with clinics, hospitals, physiotherapy center, mental health center, pharmacies and other health care centers. We believe by working hand in hand, patients will receive more comprehensive care and improve health outcomes.

Patients will receive more holistic care rather than just one aspect of support.

Saving time and energy to look for other health care service.

A good collaboration can enhance client's satisfaction.

Food Vendors & Fitness Center

Everyone knows food and exercise are the two major pillars of health. However, the current healthcare system focuses more on treating people when they are already sick, but less on prevention.

Diet Ideas is going to change the perspective. Thus, Diet Ideas is collaborating with restaurants, eateries and gym centers, to provide more choices to the clients.

Added value for your customers

Improve brand visibility

Earn Extra Revenue

Increase customer's retention

Employers & Corporate

Studies have shown that, cooperates that care about employee's well-being are doing better

Want to increase productivity among the workers?
Diet Ideas through Health and Nutrition Talk and more can help in improving their health

Higher levels of motivation

Lower levels of stress

Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention

Better performance and job satisfaction


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