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Managing Diabetes

Beyond Blood Sugar – Managing Diabetes with ABC

Please don’t be misled by false claims. Managing diabetes is far from being as simple as ABC, as some supplement sellers might suggest. It involves constant ups and downs. Diabetes management encompasses more than just controlling blood sugar levels, there are other crucial factors to consider. In this article, we want to emphasize the importance

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13 Most Common Weight Loss Myths Debunked

1. Carbs make you fatCarbohydrate is one of the essential nutrients that supply us with energy. It is the primary fuel to our body, especially for our brains and muscles.Besides providing energy, carbohydrates, specifically complex carbs like fruits, vegetables and whole grains contain fibre that helps to maintain our gut health. Carbs are not a

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What are the alternatives if I can’t tolerate cow’s milk?

Nowadays, plant-based has become a popular trend, with many people opting for alternatives to cow’s milk such as almond milk, oat milk, soy milk and coconut milk. For people with lactose intolerance, plant-based milk can be a great substitute, especially in regions like Asia and Africa where lactose malabsorption is common, resulting in symptoms like

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Osteoporosis-more than just calcium

Osteoporosis is an ageing issue that is always under-treated. It is a condition when the body loses too many, or makes too few bones, resulting in the bones becoming very weak and easily breaking. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, an estimated 1.4 million Malaysians above the age of 50 are affected by osteoporosis. The

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malaysia fruits background

Malaysian fruit guide for people with diabetes: How many can you eat

For those with diabetes, one of the most common questions is whether they can safely consume fruits as part of their diet. While fruits are often considered as healthy food, they do contain natural sugars that affect blood sugar. Some are concerned about the fruits being too sweet and avoid them. In Diet Ideas, our mantra

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Are artificial sweeteners really good for people with diabetes?

Table of Contents 1What is Artificial sweetener?2Types of artificial sweeteners3The uses of artificial sweeteners 4Controversies towards sugar alternativeArtificial sweeteners and blood glucoseArtificial sweeteners and weightArtificial sweeteners and gut health5Are Artificial sweeteners safe?6Can artificial sweeteners replace sugar?7Guideline for including artificial sweeteners in daily mealsAsk our Dietitian & Nutritionist What is Artificial sweetener? Artificial sweeteners, also known as

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