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Kombucha in a jar

What is kombucha? Is it just an another hype

If you are one of the health freaks, you must have come across this word before – “kombucha”. Kombucha has been a rising star in health food in these few years. Can this tangy drink really claim its name? Or it is just another gimmick to let people fall into? No worries, let’s dive into

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Can I skip breakfast? Is it bad for my health?

Is breakfast the most important meal in the day?

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?We have been instilled with this statement since a very young age. “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. Many of us grew up believing we must eat a big breakfast in the morning. It is said that breakfast is the

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Kidney patients how to eat during CNY

5 CNY’s Foods that Kidney Patients Must Pay Attention to

“Bak kwa”, mandarin orange, “nian gao”, steamboat, “poon choi”, new year cookies…endless things to eat during CNY. That’s the reason that your friend tells you you grow “rounder” after CNY. Gaining a bit of weight is not a serious issue if you are a healthy person. However, for people with health conditions like diabetes and kidney

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water weight

Fat Loss or Water Loss – The magic of “water weight”

Why do people always claim a low-carb diet helps in losing weight?Did you experience weight changes (no matter loss or gain) just overnight?Our body weight is not a fix number, it fluctuates by many factors like weighing before or after going to washroom, morning or night, exercise, medication, food intake, menstrual cycle… And there is one

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carbs in kuih

Know the CARBs in KUIH

Kuih holds a core speciality in Malaysia. The colourful desserts are commonly made from local ingredients like santan(coconut milk), gula melaka, glutinous rice, tapioca starch, coconut, banana and pandan. It is hard to resist when you saw them being displayed nicely at the stall in pasar. The danger of these kuihs is – there are many

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are all the calories the same?

Are all the calories the same? – Ms Jenny’s experiment

When it comes to weight loss, something we can’t avoid is “calorie deficit”. Energy expenditure is the total energy an individual needs to sustain life, support essential body functions, and perform daily tasks. We obtain energy from the food we eat every day. To lose weight, an individual needs to achieve a “negative energy balance”. This is

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