Know the CARBs in KUIH

carbs in kuih

Kuih holds a core speciality in Malaysia. The colourful desserts are commonly made from local ingredients like santan(coconut milk), gula melaka, glutinous rice, tapioca starch, coconut, banana and pandan. It is hard to resist when you saw them being displayed nicely at the stall in pasar

The danger of these kuihs is - there are many varieties, and you will not satisfy by eating just one. Not to mention they are dangerously addictive. However, these local delicates are usually loaded with sugar. 

Like other carbohydrate-rich food, kuih can make blood sugar spike. Especially for people with diabetes, their blood sugar easily goes beyond the safety range after eating two pieces of onde-onde. 

However, it does not mean people with diabetes cannot enjoy kuih anymore, but knowing the portion is crucial. That is why Diet Ideas prepared this infographic to clarify the carbohydrate content of each kuih.  To make it easier to understand, we compared the kuih with a scoop of rice, knowing rice is also our important staple. 

*All the portions represent 1 piece of kuih
*2 scoops of rice = 1 bowl of rice. That means a piece of bingka ubi kayu(100g) has the same amount of carbohydrates as a bowl of rice. 

Carbs in kuih 1
carbs in kuih 2
carbs in kuih 3

Question: Can I replace my meal with kuih?

No. Kuih can be enjoyed occasionally but not every day. The calorie might be replaceable but the quality of the meal is not the same. 

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Not sure how to do carbohydrate counting?

We are the expert on this!

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