Due to the recent spike of Covid-19 cases, we feel obligated to help the community, especially those who are directly affected by the pandemic. This campaign is to ensure, Diet Ideas as an entity doing it’s responsibility to help the community to get through this unfortunate events together. Hence, we decided to build a DIET IDEAS SOLIDARITY.

Diet Ideas’ Solidarity​

An Initiative from Diet Ideas to help those who are affected during this unprecedented time

As Diet Ideas grows during the pandemic, we feel responsible to give back to the community by trying to minimize unemployment and help to sustain economic growth

Diet Ideas solidarity focuses on:
1. Philanthropic Responsibility
2. Economic Responsibility.

Core Responsibilities

Monetary Donation to the Red Zone Areas in Sabah through NGOs​

Diet Ideas as an entity, has donated some amount of money to few NGOs (Mercy, KitaFund, small NGOs) to support those who are affected in the Red Zone areas in Sabah. Donation made mainly to help in maintaining nutritional status of the affected family by providing rice and milk products for the kids through the monetary donation. Diet Ideas’ team members also play their parts by donating individually to their preferred NGOs.

Diet Ideas as a Platform For the Healthcare Professionals (Dietitians, Nutritionists, Fitness Trainers that are affected by the COVID-19)​

Diet Ideas provides a platform for the affected/unemployed healthcare professionals , such as dietitians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, to maintain their income. At the same time, they can get new skills while working in our platform. The new skills can be an added value to them in the future. Interview session will be conducted and training will be provided to the successful applicants.

If you are interested to work on our platform, please send your resume to:

Our representative will get back to you within 48 hours of working day.

To Equip Future Dietitians/ Nutritionists (Students) With Digital & Mobile Consultation Skills from Diet Ideas​

Being the pioneer for the Mobile (home visit, office visit) and digital consultancy company in Malaysia, Diet Ideas is committed to support higher institutions in providing opportunity to the students/ graduates to experience how the digital and mobile consultation works. This opportunity is provided by Diet Ideas with the supervision of our team members. This is important in order to prepare our future health professionals (dietitian/ nutritionist/ fitness trainers) for any possible changes in how health sector operates after this pandemic.

If your universities/colleges are interested to enroll their students, please send the details of the students & institutions to our email at:

Our representative will get back to you within 48 hours of working day.

Diet Ideas has been giving a pair of wings by the community to fly during this unprecedented time.
It’s time to get back to the community to extend our help

Diet Ideas