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Pn Reenaiza

Package : Advance

* Nutrigenomic's session regarding DNA results
* Initially FBS at 9.3. Aftar a month, FBS down to 6.8

Mr. Michael Tan

Package : 1 Month Advance + 2 Months

* Diagnosed with diabetes and does not want to take medication.
* Fasting blood glucose improved from 15.5 to 13.1 to 11.7 and then went to normal at 7.3

Pn. Rabiatul

Package : 1 Month Advance + 2 Months

* Nutrigenomic's session regarding DNA results

Ms. Selvarani

Package : 3 Months Basic

* Glucose reading from 8 to 7.7. and stay at 6.7

Puan Masnewati

From 102KG to 82KG in 6 months
Lost 20KG

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Super good, really knowledgeable, supportive individuals. Made getting into shape so easy and simple for me. 


I got a lot of information on proper diet, exercise to build muscle and how to maintain my lifestyle after I have finished the program. The teams were very helpful and really fun to help me change my lifestyle.


Appreciate for all your good words and never fail to encourage me to lose more weight. I seriously didn't expect to lose 6kgs in 3 months despite of having a very busy schedules and stress at work. Thank you again Sid and Diet Ideas team.

Izzati Majid

I thought it was impossible to get pregnant, I lost 8kg and my period came late. Now, I am in my pregnancy journey, thanks to Diet Ideas


I surrender myself to Diet Ideas. They gave me miracles, my blood sugar improving and I can enjoy all my food intake


After I was informed about my kidney problem, I only ate white rice & biscuits. However, after I registered with Diet Ideas, I can enjoy my meal again as the dietitian taught me the proper diet for kidney problems


Before I started joining Diet Ideas, my blood glucose level spike up to 8.9. Now the reading has improved to 5.7


The day I fainted because of my crash diet was the day I decided to join Diet Ideas. I was glad I met them, as I no longer felt dizzy yet I was still losing weight. In 2 months time, I lost 5kg with them, after my weight was stagnant at 88kg