New Product Launching 

Diet Ideas Meals

In Diet Ideas, we strongly believe that achieving health goals should not sacrifying the joy of eating. You can eat anything, at anywhere and still be healthy. Over the past 3 years, our approach has yield remarkable results for our clients, who have embraced our concept of balanced nutrition and individual food preferences. 

As advocate of unrestricted diets, we have received numerous request from clients, inquiring whether we sell foods. However, we told them we don't, as we are consistently persist our goals of empowering individuals to enjoy the food around them. 

However, we have received a overwhelming number of requests seeking meal solution that align with our philosophy. They desire the assurance of consuming complete and balanced meals, without the added burden of decided what to eat. With the aim of benefiting our clients and society at large, we are please to announce the launch of


Introducing our menus

Grilled cajun chicken with pesto pasta

Tender Chicken Breast seasoned with a blend of Cajun spices, grilled to perfection and serve with flavourful pesto pasta. 

Roasted chicken with brown sauce
& sweet potato 

Juicy roasted chicken with rich, savoury brown sauce, serve with tender sweet potato, a perfect combination of sweetness and earthiness. 

Grilled salmon with herb butter sauce
& pasta

Fresh salmon fillet drizzle with rich and indulgence herb butter sauce, served with pasta that lightly tossed with olive oil. 

Daging salai masak lemak with brown rice

Traditional Malaysian dish featuring tender, smoky beef cooked in a rich coconut milk broth. Serve with low glycemic brown rice. 

Diet Ideas Meals?

Diet Ideas Meals has received the recognition by Nutrition Division for  Ministry of Health Malaysia as the healthier choice of Malaysia and has been categories under MyChoice Food.

  • the meals are complete and balanced meals
  • Suitable for people who wants to lose weight
  • Suitable for those who wants to improve blood glucose level
  • Suitable for people who leads a busy lifestyle and wants to improve overall health

By eating Diet Ideas meals, it can help you to lose 0.5- 1.5kg of body weight per week, and able improve blood glucose level. Result may varies according to individual, consult Diet Ideas dietitian/nutritionists for more information.

Because it is newly launched,
we have a special limited time offer 

RM 452



  • 12 meals (3 of each menu)
  •  Free delivery
  • *1x Body composition analysis at Diet Ideas
  • *1 nutrition consultation session
  • *1 week meal plan schedule, including Diet Ideas Meals

*This bundle is only available until the end of March

Purchase your meals!

We will launch this special bundle until the the end of March 2023. It comes with first come first serve basis, so grab yours before it’s too late!