Diet Ideas, a Malaysian Dietetics & Nutrition Health Consultancy company aims to promote awareness of breast cancer in the society specifically among Malaysian women through their Diet Ideas Pink Ribbon Campaign. This campaign marks the first ever breast cancer campaign in Diet Ideas after a year of running the operation.

Diet Ideas is a company founded by a female entrepreneur who is professionally a dietitian, with a strong professional supports of healthcare team in the company where they are committed to give the awareness about breast cancer as their first ever campaign for the year and targeting to have a sequel of campaigns for breast cancer in the following years.

As Diet Ideas is also implementing a DNA test to help in prevention of breast cancer through diet and nutrition based on their genetic, it’s definitely a good initiative to create awareness and to do early prevention as soon as possible to improve quality of life for the clients.

The campaign will run until 28th October 2021, with giving one off consultation for only RM70 per session which cover nutrition assessment including their dietary assessment and how our dietitian helps in personalizing client’s dietary condition based on their health conditions.

Masfara Wahidah Abdul Rahman, managing director of Diet Ideas Sdn. Bhd who is also the founder, said she wanted to take the opportunity in using the brand as a platform to communicate and educate consumers on the importance of understanding nutrition to help in early prevention of breast cancer and to increase the awareness of breast cancer among the society.

“As the founder myself, I wanted to ensure that Diet Ideas is also giving the values to the society and as for the breast awareness campaign this year, we wanted our clients to know that they are not alone in facing the challenges of breast cancer and that support is there for them, specifically from the nutrition part. Nutrition knowledge is available on both of our Facebook (Diet Ideas) and instagram ( @bydietideas) . We hope this small campaign will help to improve quality of life for women with breast cancer and to promote the right education of breast cancer to the community”, Masfara added.

“For anyone who is interested to book an appointment for a one off consultation to grab this campaign, may whatsApp 01116394910, our dedicated sales team who are also a certified dietitian and nutritionist will run through pre assessment of your health conditions and help in booking an appointment for you. Alternatively, you may proceed to make a payment through our website at the link HERE and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible to slot in your appointment to the next available time based on your free time” .

Click here for one off consultation link :
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