DIET IDEAS SOLIDARITY – Giving Back to the Community

Diet Ideas Solidarity was launched in less than 1 month with 3 core missions to help the community during the third wave of covid-19 in our country. Within 2 weeks, this initiative has managed to get a great response among the target program.

Diet Ideas was successfully donating to major NGOs such as Mercy, Kitafund and more than 7 local NGOs as well as person in charge for any particularly donation in Sabah and still showing continuous supports by encouraging their customers and followers to do the same. The donated funds to the local NGOs in 7 districts in Sabah has managed to help hundreds of families, especially in Semporna, Tawau & Lahad Datu. Approximately around 80 families in Semporna, 50 families in Tawau and the rest are in Lahad Datu, Kunak, Sandakan, Keningau and Kudat.

Diet Ideas has offering a platform for health practitioners to earn a side income. We have received around 30 applications and has conducted the first round of interview since last week after pre-screening has been done. The second round will be conducted tomorrow (10th November 2020) for the shortlisted applicants. Their training will start a week after the names have been finalized. This is to ensure that our freelancers are well equipped with the standard operation procedure in Diet Ideas as well as to maintain the quality of the service provided.

Diet Ideas has allocated a new budget for CSR program in 2021. We hope with this initiative many people especially families who are affected by covid-19 can benefits from this program.

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