What to eat when you don’t want to cook? : Dietitians’ recommendation for people with Diabetes

Dietitian's recommendation for eating out

Having diabetes means I must always eat homecook food? Arghhh, it is so boring to eat repeating food! Can I eat out instead??

Of course! Although dietitian always encourage you to cook by yourself (as you can control everything that you use), there’s many outside food you can enjoy.

Today, let Diet Ideas’s dietitians and nutritionists lead you to some nice food!



chicken teriyaki subway


Lots of fiber (max up on the veggies!), great choices of tasty protein and a whole meal option.

But beware and exercise some control on the sauces. 2 sauces maximum! 

check how to eat subway wisely 

Tauhu bakar

Tauhu bakar

Tauhu bakar, or Tauhu sumbat for afternoon tea - simple snack to enjoy outside while chatting with friends.

Protein and fibers (from Tauhu sumbat) with some indulging, but controlled sweetness from the dipping sauce. (but don't go overboard!)



salmon sashimi in a plate

Sashimi or Sushi

Sushi is a very good balanced and combination of food for diabetes. 

Contrary on what you read on Google, eating sushi and sashimi help you to maintain a good control blood glucose when eating with guidance of dietitian.

How many sushi we eat during the course and how many sashimi we can take to balance it as well as including the edamame which helps in lowering the GI for overall food.

The art of eating can be designed and excellent results can be achieved with the guidance, for a good quality of life.

fatin husna binti Hamdan

Fatin Husna


chicken shawarma

Chicken Shawarma

It is an easy meal to grab on the go - unlike the burger patty, it adds to healthy diet as it provides a lot of protein without adding extra fat considering that the chicken is not fried, but marinated roasted adding with veggies. 

It makes a complete meals of carbohydrates, protein and fiber.

Request more veggies and limit the sauces are the best way to have the healthy shawarma! 

meal set from the chicken rice shop

Healthy meal from the Chicken Rice Shop

A complete, wholesome healthy meal for one person together with carbohydrates, protein and fiber. 

Each includes:

- Single portion of Healthy Chicken Breast (Choice of steamed or roasted) 

- 1 piece of Braised Tofu and 1 piece of braised egg

- Ipoh Bean Sprouts or Pak Choy with Oyster sauce

- A bowl of Chicken Rice

- Soup of the day

- Chinese Tea or Mineral Water 

You can have the tasty food and healthy even though you  are outside!

Shiang Jiun


a bowl of tau fu fah

Tau-foo-fah (soy pudding)

Soy bean is always been my favourite as it is so versatile and can be used in many dishes.
I want to recommend “Tau-foo-fah”, or "Dou Hua"-  which is a famous Chinese dessert.

It is made from super tender and silky tofu. It is so delicate that It will literally melt in your mouth. Tau foo fah is always enjoyed with ginger syrup or brown sugar.

Soy bean is a good source of protein, it is suitable for people with diabetes to enjoy it as a snack. Ask the hawker to separate the syrup so you can control the amount of sugar that you want to mix with. 

a japanese seafood hotpot from Sushi-ya

Kaisen Nabe from Sushi-ya

Kaisen nabe means “seafood hotpot” in Japanese. They use chicken broth as soup base. (or you can choose kimchi soup if you are a spicy lover like me!) 

The pot is packed with assorted seafoods like clams, shrimps and squid, and a lot of veggies. Perfect.

You can still find Kaisen nabe in other japanese restaurant if Sushi-ya is not in your area!

To conclude, you can still enjoy outside food even with diabetes. However, a proper planning is needed to prevent your blood glucose spikes like roller coaster! 

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