Unlock the Secret of Your Body

Imagine just ONE TEST, you are able to understand your body FULLY and take action according to your result.

You're the ONE AND ONLY

Have you ever heard someone said you're special?

In some contexts, YES YOU ARE !

Everyone is designed uniquely, No one share the same DNA, not even the twins.

By knowing your DNA, means you get to discover your own self

Here's What You'll Get

Diet & Nutrition Insights

29 reports that tell you about the nutrients that your body need, ability to absorb certain micronutrients, and sensitivity toward certain food.

Discover the need of your body help to design the optimal diet specifically for you. Each report comes with comprehensive info and recommendation regarding the nutrients and food choices, ease the process of choosing the food you eat.

Wellness & Fitness Insights

Ever wonder why it look so easy for other to performance but it is so hard on you? It might not be your fault.

DNA test enables you to learn your unique wellness and fitness profile.
Total 35 reports including your muscle strength, sprint performance, injury risk and so on, guide you through your fitness journey.

Workout smart and better result, who doesn't like it?

Skin Care Insights

So many skincare product, so many opinions from different salesperson. Who should you believe?

Your gene don't lie. Understanding your skin condition by knowing it's anti-oxidant capacity, skin elasticity, anti-acne ability, dermal sensitivity and others.

You can make a better choices when comes to choosing skincare products and skincare routine.

Health Risk Insight

Disease is unpredictable. But something is trackable.

Learn if you are predisposed with high risk genotype of 39 common diseases like diabetes, hypertension, gout, alcohol dependence and so on.

Yes, our gene is gifted and you cannot change yours. However, you can take more precaution steps to prevent it from happens. We have dietitian to give you the most solid recommendation according to your report.

Drug Sensitivity Insight

Do you know not all of us response to drug in a same way? A certain drug might work well in a person A, but cause side effect on person B and don't do any good.

This is because the gene carried to make drug metabolizing enzyme is different, it affects the speed of drug is used and eliminated from our body.

Having knowledge of personal response to medications can lower your risk of adverse drug reactions.

Personal Traits Insight

The DNA test may have more understanding about you then yourself.

How well are you you in pressure handling? How creative are you? Are you good in learning different language? All these can be answered by your genotype.

It also reveal your physical traits, like body mass and height, which explain why not all the humankind are born in the same way.

Who is the test for´╝č

The test is for everyone, especially if you are

Athletes or sport-enthusiasts who want to enhance performance.

Health-enthusiast who is struggling to find the best diet for their own.

People who wants to know the risk of diseases that they are prone to.

People who want to understand their whole well-being.




"I have dry lips for a long time. I tried a lot of lip balm, drink a lot of water but none of them work.

After the DNA test, I found that I require much more antioxidants than normal people. I started to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables, and I can feel my condition is getting better. Thanks to DNA test! Besides I also learnt other condition of my body, now I know how to take care of it.

Few examples from the report

A part of Nutrition Insight

Health risk that shows you the possibility of you prone to one certain disease

Fitness and skincare Insights



Not a single drop of blood is needed.
We only need your saliva sample to complete the test.


Our genotype result is based on thousand of published research articles, proving relevant effects on nutrition and fitness response, with easily actioned lifestyle changes.


The test has 99.9% accuracy validated.
All DNA categories tested are supported by a rigorous amount of researches conducted by scientists and research institutes around the world.


Report is available after 18 - 30 days from the day the test is done.


We take the privacy of your data seriously.
You are the only person to know the result unless you want to share it to your close one.

Ready to dive into the DEEPEST SECRET of your body?

We all know healthy lifestyle can do the work.

But, if you can do more with less?

It might be a bit scary to know if you carry some "bad genes",
it is worth to know it as soon as possible.

Knowing your genotype is like a ship with a clear direction,
you finally have the clue and sail toward the right path!

Unlock the Secret of Your Body

Imagine just ONE TEST, you are able to understand your body FULLY and take action according to your result.