Knowing DNA is a GPS for your life

The ultimate secret of your body through nutrition

Date and time:

15th June 2022

8:30 pm

Google Meet

What You’ll learn in this webinar

What is DNA

Wonder why you and me looks different? Why she is so lean and I am overweight even though we eat the same thing almost everyday?

How disease develops?

Diseases, especially chronic disease, can be triggered by many factors. How can we predict and avoid them? 

Benefit of DNA test?

If can't change my gene, what can I benefit from taking the test? How many info can I get from it? (We will reveal all in the webinar!) 

A small gift

A small gift will be given to all the participants. It is a surprise so will only announced during the day of webinar.  

Your webinar host

Farrahusna binti Halim

Farra is a Dietitian from Diet Ideas. She has been working to help clients to fulfill their health goals in managing the diet & lifestyle for a better quality of life.

Dr. Lee Le Jie

Dr. Lee is a gene specialist, whom has many years of experience working and researching in this area. 

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