Dyslipidemia is a medically-diagnosed condition characterized by a person’s abnormal blood cholesterol reading. For dyslipidemia, nutrition and lifestyle changes is at the forefront of intervention to regulate its condition with the focus on weight management, physical activity and dietary modifications.
With the best nutrition control, person with abnormal cholesterol can reduce and/or eliminate their medications, delay or reduce the disease progression as well as decreasing the risk of developing further medical complications associated with dyslipidemia.

Nutrition Consultation

1. Personalized and individualized approach for your specific lifestyle and conditions
2. Dietary management of fat intake – types, amount, cholesterol lowering
3. Weight management and body composition
4. Blood cholesterol reading, assessment and monitoring
5. Adjusting diet for social events, cravings and other situations
6. Physical activity (by our fitness trainer)

Supporting & Its Improvement

1. Goals, motivation and expectation of improvement
2. Understanding dyslipidemia from its physiological view and its possible medical complications
3. Myth and facts surrounding dyslipidemia
4. Calorie counting and nutrition labeling
5. Other lifestyle/nutritional tips that will improve your condition further

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