General Health & Wellness

The absence of disease, or bodily composition alone does not indicate the optimum health of the body. With the rapidly industrialize progress of modern world, nutritious food may come across as scarce, expensive or confusingly jumbled up with other elements of nutrition. In addition to that, seeking the best and correct information regarding nutrition may prove to be an arduous task in the ever globalized communication.
What may be healthy, may not be optimal enough for a better progress of your health. Learn from our dietitian on how to take your health to the next level through nutrition improvement.

Nutrition Consultation

1. Personalized and individualized approach for your specific lifestyle and conditions
2. Macronutrient and micronutrient needs
3. The effects of food and nutrient to health and body
4. The age progression and how it affects our nutrition
5. Lifestyle changes involving sleep and physical activity
6. Myth and facts regarding general health and wellness

Supporting & Its Improvement

1. Weight management
2. Supplementation
3. Calorie counting and nutrition labeling
4. Other lifestyle/nutritional tips that will improve your condition further

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