Healthy is about Lifestyle

Everyone knows food and exercise are the two major pillars of health.

However, the current healthcare system focuses more on treating people when they are already sick, but less on prevention.

Diet Ideas is going to change the perspective.

Thus, Diet Ideas is collaborating with restaurants, eateries and gym centres, to provide more choices to the clients. 

Why work with us

The collaboration will bring impact to 3 parties - your brand, the customers and Diet Ideas. 

Added value for your customers
Improve brand visibility
Side income to your company
Increase customer's retention

Café/ Eatery/ Restaurant 

When it comes to healthy food, people always have a stereotype, that healthy means bland, dull and unattractive food - that’s not true.

In Diet Ideas, our philosophy is choosing healthy food instead of skinny, choosing self-love over self-judgment - simple, realistic and sustainable. 

We do not only talk about the food pyramid, but also about how laksa is amazing, and how nasi kerabu is colourful and nutritious, and it’s okay to enjoy chicken rendang even if you are in the weight loss journey.

We care about workouts as much as we care about food

Gym/ Fitness Studio

Only those who are in good shape are eligible to go to the gym?

No, it’s not, the gym is, and should be for everyone.

With this ideology, Diet Ideas hopes to encourage more people to start exercising, regardless of age, sex or body size. Therefore, we are open to teaming up with gym or any exercise centre, where Diet Ideas can provide meal plans for the clients.

We hope the collaboration of like-minded companies will create a healthier nation.

Diet Ideas is working with

Swiss Oven 

Established in year 2008, Swiss Oven serves fresh delicious pastries and bread daily.


HCCF provides a range of Halal Chinese Confinement Food products & services with a focus on quickening recovery during postpartum and post-surgery confinement.

Homey Nutrition

Homey delivers healthy meals and therapeutic diets across Peninsula Malaysia while providing a range of nutrition services.

Wise Crafter 

Wise crafter is a healthy food delivery in Malaysia. They curate their meal with organic, high quality and Halal-certified food ingredients. 


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