How Does Diet Ideas’ Personalized Nutrition Services Can Help You?

Diet Ideas’ personalized nutrition services is a trustworthy and reliable hub that renders diverse services to promote individuals’ physical health and well-being. We have a highly skilled panel of dietitians who are adept at fixing clients’ health issues. 

Our team is a strong follower of medical ethics and maintains the confidentiality of clients. Through the efforts of our team, we have won the hearts of many people. You all can also trust us. Currently, we are offering the following services through our mobile app:

  • MyDietProgram

You can join our MyDietProgram if you are suffering from any health disease that requires nutrition intervention. 

It is a 3 months program in which you will be able to achieve your health goals. We have fixed it for 3 months because change doesn’t come overnight.

We believe in setting realistic and achievable goals that don’t hurt your self-esteem or demotivate you.

Our team will also record your pre and post-intervention progress over this time. For instance, in most cases, the HbA1c of our diabetic clients drops after three months of dieting.

  • Blue membership

If you want to stay committed to your health, then be a Blue Member. 

Let us do your nutrition assessment through the mobile app, and we will suggest a suitable membership plan for you.

Through this plan, you will be able to avail all Diet Ideas services for FREE.

  • E-meal review

Aren’t we living in a fast-paced world? Where everything is available on your mobile. 

You can also reap benefits from the technology and quick turnaround of our dietitian team. If you are confused about your meal’s calories or its ingredients then you can contact our team to review the meal.

You can tell them that you have a particular health condition or a daily calorie target. Then, the team will guide you on whether the meal is favorable for your goal or not.

It is such an important feature and can save people’s lives. You just have to pay RM69. People with food allergies often have to suffer just because they are not aware of the ingredients of the product. Then they have to face the repercussions.

If you are a blue member, then you can enjoy this perk for FREE.

  • Healthy food around me

Do you want to make eating out hassle-free? 

Isn’t it hard to find good food in restaurants when you are committed to healthy eating?

Well! We have covered your back and are soon launching the most incredible feature. Through this, you can search for healthy food around you before stepping out of your home.

We want you to chill because we will do this homework for you. We have prepared a gigantic directory that will have a list of brands offering healthy food in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

We will locate the best sources for you in your nearby vicinity.

  • Community learning activity

We have a staunch belief that individuals can learn more effectively when they interact with others. Therefore, we organize community learning activities where individuals of all ages and backgrounds share their ideas and motivations to achieve community health and sustainable life changes. 

You can also join us if you have a passion for learning new things about health and nutrition.

  • Corporate services and events:

Companies that take care of their employees are the best ones. Showing concern for their physical well-being is one of the sweetest gestures.

We provide our services in corporate sectors as well, in which our team reaches out to employees to address their health concerns.

Also, they guide them about how they can try to stay fit during office hours.

Sunway, PPG, Sime Darby, and many more are our regular clients of corporate services.

If you need help on how nutrition can help you, please feel free to connect with our dietitian or download our mobile app to get in touch.

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