A Book To All The Newbie Mama

Dear mummy, 

Your baby being the most precious gift in the world, and you will do the best to make sure the little angel is healthy. 

But, you have no experience being a mom,

"When should I stop giving milk to my baby?"

"What food is suitable?"

"How to slowly introduce more food to my cutie?"

If you have no clue to these questions, then this book is for You. 

What you will learn from KLT BOOK:

  • The important nutrients that your baby can't missed
  • Amount of food that baby needs according to his/her age 
  • How frequent in a day should you feed the baby?
  •  How to introduce different food to a baby? (That he/she never tried before)
  • How to know if my baby is allergy to a certain food?
  • Meal plan sample for the baby
  • Frequently asked questions from mothers
  • Food diary to keep track on the reaction of food on baby
  • Wholesome recipes designed for different age-group babies 

and many more...

Sneak peek of the book

BONUS 1 (worth RM 30)

Free exclusive Baby Food Planner (in PDF)

  • Grocery List & food planning for baby according to months
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacking ideas
  • Food diary to keep track on baby's condition

BONUS 2 (worth RM 20)

Food Texture Transition (in PDF)

Baby food texture transition for a year, including ideas of puree & finger food. 

Check the plan 


RM 30

For momma who can do it for her own

  • KLT hard copy book
  • Baby food planner (PDF)
  • Food texture transition (PDF) 

RM 74.90

For momma who need support 

  • KLT hard copy book
  • Baby food planner (PDF)
  • Food texture transition (PDF)
  • 2 times one-to-one consultation (worth RM 200)
  • Group support (worth RM 100)

RM 160

For momma who need extra guidance

  • KLT hard copy book 
  • Baby food planner (PDF)
  • Food texture transition (PDF)
  • 3 times one-to-one consultation (worth300)
  • 4 personalised meal plan (worth RM 150)
  • Group support (worth RM 100)

" Mama, please take care of me..."