Life as a nutritionist in Diet Ideas

When you are feeling sick, food can often be the last thing on your mind.

But have you ever wondered,

How would you stay healthy if you were eating unhealthy for a very long time?

Thus, certified dietitians and nutritionists are playing an important role here! We are the health professionals that provide you nutrition advice and personalized diet in a variety way to promote a healthier lifestyle and eating habits.

We often get asked what does nutritionists do? A nutritionist is someone who helps people achieve their health goals by developing a nourish meal plan, as well as giving advice on the health effects of certain foods.

Before I begin my life as a nutritionist in Diet Ideas, let me share with you a little bit why I am so passionate in nutrition.

Its mainly due to 3 things that I love:

  • Eating
  • Helping People
  • Sharing Nutrition Knowledge and Healthy Eating Habits

Also, seeing people become more healthy and happier because of my nutrition advice has bring more positive energy into my life. I enjoy that wholeheartedly. Hence, I am very glad that I have joined Diet Ideas, and there are a few reasons that come to mind right now.

I love that my job allows me to help the public to become healthier while keeping me updated on the latest nutrition researches like healthy eating plans and etc. I get to learn about new things every day which is really fascinating and awesome.

In Diet Ideas, we provide medical nutrition therapy services to people with diabetes, hypertension, kidney problem, weight management and so on. We do this by providing health consultation, nutritional assessment and build personalized menu plans for our patients.

As a nutritionist in Diet Ideas must be able to:

  • Aware of the updates on nutrition knowledge and medical research
  • Assess patient’s current dietary habits, medical history and their health needs and goals
  • Educate patient on healthy eating habits and help them choose the right food to eat
  • Follow up to ensure the menu plans are working and write reports that document the patient’s progress

About menu planning, it is not always about eating greens.

There is much more a nutritionist can do instead of just getting people to eat fruits and vegetables. It is about the cooperation of the nutritionist and patient to achieve a healthier lifestyle. This includes eating the right amount of carbs, protein, and fats while maintaining physical activity to promote a healthy way of achieving one’s dietary needs.

Nutritionists are not a food police.

We are not judging your dish at family gatherings or spending our days to promote unproven diet supplements on social media. Instead, we are helping people from different backgrounds on their journey to have a better health and improve their quality of life.

I hope this has given you a glimpse into what a nutritionist’s life is about.

Thanks for reading.

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