Diet Ideas is collaborating with MPP4, MBSJ to create nutrition awareness to reduce obesity and prevent diabetes to the community.

Collaboration between MBSJ & Diet Ideas

26 September, Subang Jaya – Diet Ideas has been running an operation for 2 years and the company realized, majority of their clients are in the category of M40 & T20 category. One of the major problem they saw is the awareness level in B40 category are low when it comes to health, this statement has been proven after running few experiments and strategies to acquire this category of customer.

“From then, we found out the price is not the major issues, but instead the awareness level of the community themselves. It’s actually proven, when we received few clients who works as security guards, cook and willing to pay for the service, and good things, they managed to see amazing improvement. Our client who works as a security guard, has managed to reduce his hypertension medication following the advice by his doctor, after our program. Another client who work as a cook, managed to lose around 23kg after she joined us, the journey where she thought was impossible, became possible with Diet Ideas. She also has managed to see improvement of her cholesterol level and gain confidence to dress up prettily ” – Masfara Wahidah Abdul Rahman, Managing Director of Diet Ideas, who is also the founder.

Diet Ideas's managing Director, Ms. Masfara and Director, Mr. Zuhaili
Diet Ideas’s Managing Director, Ms. Masfara and Director, Mr. Zuhaili

Masfara also added, Diet Ideas could happily running the business while focusing on M40 & T20 community. However, the brand is built with a heart of a dietitian, where the brand’s core is to practise inclusitivity,

” When it comes to health, it takes everyone in the community to play their part, so that the awareness can become more impactful. We are raising our children and grandkids today, and at the end of the day, they will follow what the society has shaped them, hence, we need to build a healthier society, and it’s started with nutrition – understanding how food can become a medication to us, and how food can prevent us from developing diseases” – Masfara added.

Hence, to help the B40 community, the company has came up with a strategy to partner with government bodies to raise awareness on the importance of nutrition. Masfara has connected with MBSJ Councillor, Mr Kamarul Hisham Bin Haji Yeop Hashim to collaborate and sponsor half of the total participants from MPP4 community focusing on B40 to join the awareness and intervention program. A total of 50 participants has been selected to undergo a program with Diet Ideas for 1 month.

The nutrition screening has took place on early september this year, and the 1 month nutrition program is scheduled to start on end of this month.

With this collaboration initiative, between Diet Ideas and MBSJ, we hope it can help to reduce the hospitalization cost and burden to the country in the future, and country’s health statistic is improving year by year.

Diet Ideas is a healthtech company specializing in diet and nutrition. The company believes that taking care of nutrition by understanding how our body works, will drastically improve the community health.

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