Smart Choices for Healthy & Budget-Friendly meal at McDonald’s

How to eat McDonal's wisely

"Ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it!"

McDonald's, or affectionately known as "Mekdi" in Malaysia, is a popular fast food chain that has gained both love and criticism. While it has been associated with obesity concerns, it is still possible to enjoy McDonald's wisely, healthily, and without breaking the bank. In this article, we will guide you on how to make smarter choices, save money, and maintain a balanced approach when dining at McDonald's.

1. Download the McDonald's App and Register:

Begin by downloading the McDonald's app and creating an account. By doing so, you can take advantage of the app's features, such as collecting points for future rewards and accessing exclusive promotions.

2. Know the "To Go" and "To Stop" Items at McDonald's:

To make informed choices, it's essential to understand which menu items are healthier and which ones should be consumed in moderation. Here's a breakdown:

smarter McDonal's meal
not-so-okay McDonald's meal

3. Check for Promotions or Crazy Hour:

Before placing your order, check the McDonald's app or website for any ongoing promotions on suitable items. This way, you can enjoy your favourite items at discounted prices.

4. Buy À La Carte, Avoid Add-Ons:

Sometimes set meals are tempting, buy adding few ringgit and you will get a drink and a fries. However, to really save money, order your items individually instead of choosing combo meals. Avoid adding extra items that might increase both cost and calorie content.

5. Customize Your Order:

Take advantage of free options like adding more lettuce to your burgers for added freshness and nutrition. (choose "5" for lettuce, it's free!) Customizing your order allows you to tailor it to your preferences while keeping it healthier.

With mindful choices, you can enjoy a satisfying and healthier meal at McDonald's without breaking the bank. By downloading the app, understanding the menu, checking for promotions, and making smart modifications, you can have a budget-friendly meal within RM 15 while minimizing unnecessary calories. Remember, moderation is key, and maintaining a balanced diet is essential for overall health.

Take-Home Message:

  • While McDonald's can offer healthier options, it's still not the best choice for everyday consumption due to its highly processed and high-sodium foods lacking sufficient fibre.

  • For reduced calorie intake and added sugars, it's best to avoid desserts like apple pies and McFlurries. Opt for healthier options or consider skipping dessert altogether.

  • The list is just a reference. Remember, you can still enjoy items from the "not OK" list occasionally, but be mindful of the food you consume.

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