Hypertension Lowering Program


Are You Newly Diagnosed With Hypertension Or Looking To Improve
Your Condition?

Our program is designed to help you achieve normal blood pressure levels through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

For Newly Diagnosed Individuals:
We aim to help you heal through nutrition and educate you on using food as medicine, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for prescription drugs with your doctor’s approval.

For Those on Hypertension Medication:
Our goal is to assist you in reducing medication dosages with the approval of your doctor while incorporating beneficial foods into your diet.


How We Do It!

Hypertension Lowering Program

RM 788.00/Month

1) Intensive Nutrition Assessment

After payment, our team provides a nutrition assessment form. This helps your dietitian understand your lifestyle, health issues, and dietary patterns to create a personalized plan.

2) Three Personalized Nutrition Sessions with a Dietitian

The First Session:

  • Review of your nutrition assessment form.
  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment based on the form.
  • Discussion of goals to achieve during the program.
  • Nutrition intervention, including education and meal plan prescription.

The Second Session:

  • Follow-up session and goal monitoring.
  • Discussion of challenges and additional Diet Ideas nutrition education.

The Third Session:

  • Follow-up session.
  • Discussion of nutrition interventions to achieve your goals.
3) 15 Meals Delivery

Meals will be delivered according to the nutrition prescription recommended  by your dietitian. They can be delivered to your home or office for your convenience.

4) 30 Days Close Monitoring

If you need assistance with health issues or have questions about your nutrition outside of your dietitian sessions, you can connect with your dietitian through the Diet Ideas mobile app. Your dietitian will reply during working hours from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday, when they are not in sessions with other clients.

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For those not needing meal delivery, our Advanced Blue Membership offers the same program without meal services, ensuring effective blood pressure management.

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We Believe Most Of The Health Issues Can Be Healed And Improved By Nutrition

Our dietitian and nutritionist are certified and qualified with vast experience to help you to achieve your health goals through nutrition.

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