Weight Reduction Program


Who Is Weight Reduction Program​ For?

Suitable for those who are looking to lose weight. Our best-selling program is designed not just to help you shed those extra pounds but to transform your entire lifestyle, ensuring lasting health with a success rate of 6kg in short term and up to 21kgs in long term. 

Weight Reduction

Weight Reduction Program

RM 788 / 1 Month

  • Intensive Nutrition Assessment
  • 3 Personalized Nutrition Consultation with Dietitian
  • 30 Days Close Monitoring on Diet Ideas App
  • 3x Healthy Meal Delivery (15 meals)
  • Terms & Conditions Apply
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We Believe Most Of The Health Issues Can Be Healed And Improved By Nutrition

Our dietitian and nutritionist are certified and qualified with vast experience to help you to achieve your health goals through nutrition.

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