About Us

Our Journey

How It Started

Diet Ideas started from the lens of a professional dietitian, where our founder sees there is a huge gap in the nutrition industry. Clients lack of nutrition knowledge in terms of how nutrition can become a medication for them, and a lot of reason why Diet Ideas is built to it is today.

Being the pioneer in community dietetics and nutrition in Malaysia, Diet Ideas has given an impact to not only the society, but bringing a revolution to Diet and nutrition industry in Malaysia.

Diet Ideas

The Company

From the start, our goal to the community is clear, that we want people to enjoy eating anything, anywhere and everywhere while achieving their health goals.

We are on a mission to build a healthier and happier generation where they are proactive with their health instead of reactive – and it starts with their diet and nutrition.

Our Story

2019 & 2020

First Operation

Founded in 2019 & the first operation started in the middle of covid, July 2022.


Won Awards & Recognition

The team members has grown and company also has showing tractions.


Positive Impact

Shown positive impact to the society for their life transformation. Received RM 1M Pre Seed Investment from private investor. (Dec, 2022)

2023 - Now

The Future

The vision & mission continue.

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