Full Blood Test


Understand your body better with Diet Ideas!

Have you ever wanted to understand your body better? What’s really happening inside your body? A blood test can be the best way to understand the state of your body. A blood test can help decipher some of the underlying signs and symptoms that you are experiencing. With knowing the underlying issues, we can plan the best intervention to target and normalise the abnormal levels.

The full blood test will include panels of haematology, renal function and metabolic, liver function, lipid and cardiovascular risk, inflammatory marker and cardiovascular risk, diabetes and pancreatic, infectious diseases, tumour marker, immunoserology as well as urine analysis. Your full blood test is performed in an accredited laboratory with international quality standards and strict protocols in place. Throughout our process, our team of scientists adheres to the highest standards of data security, carefully handling your information every step of the way to assure accuracy and security you can trust. The full blood test results will be released within 2 days and can be interpreted with the help of our dietitian.

You may come to Diet Ideas for sample collection, otherwise, our lab team can come to your house* and an experienced phlebotomist will collect the sample.

*Limited to Klang Valley area only. Outside of this region, a small surcharge will be imposed.

The Full Blood Test includes:

  • Haematology (血液研究)
  • Renal Function & Metabolic (腎功能和代謝)
  • Liver Function (肝功能)
  • Lipids & Cardiovascular Risks (血脂和心血管風險)
  • Inflammatory Marker & CVD Risk (炎症標記和心血管風險)
  • Diabetes & Pancreatic (糖尿病和胰臟)
  • Infectious Disease Serology (傳染科血清學)
  • Thyroid Function (甲狀腺功能)
  • Tumor Markers (腫瘤標志)
  • Immunoserology (血清免疫學)
  • Urinalysis (尿液分析-外觀)
  • Urine Chemical (尿液化學)