Kakan : Dark Choc Chip & Rolled Oats w Nira Kelapa


At Diet Ideas, we are passionate not only to guide you through your healthy lifestyle, but to also provide you with varieties of food option to make your life more colorful ! Now, if you’re healthy, Kakan is just another option of cookies to enjoy during your snack time. But what if you’re diabetic ? Kakan might be your ultimate saviour ! Kakan is a cookies series formulated using yummy yay ingredients with a lil tweak to make it diabetic-friendly !

For those who enjoys the sweetness of cookies, Kakan with Nira Kelapa is definitely your type. The sweet taste of nira combined with semi-sweetened dark chocolate to spice your day up will absolutely makes your snacking time more enjoyable. We used pure nira kelapa as it is known to have a low glycemic index and minimal processing to make sure all the nutrients are still intact and beneficial.