Client's success story

Mr. Liew: "I had successfully gain 6kg in 3 months." 

Diet Ideas is not only dealing with people who want to weight loss, we also help client to gain weight healthily. 

Below is the review from our client, Mr Liew. 

How do you know Diet Ideas?

Mr Liew: I know Diet Ideas from my company. I had a free consultation with the Diet Ideas's dietitian. I like the way they gave consultation, which is very detailed and informative, so I decided to sign a 3 months program.

What is your main concern?

My concern is to gain weight, especially muscle mass. As my height is 174cm and my weight is 54.7kg, it is a bit thin for a man. However, as I do not have any knowledge in this area. I dare not simply eat too as I am afraid it will affect my body.

How does the dietitian help with your situation?

After consulting with Diet Ideas's dietitian,which is Mr. Siddeq, he noticed my problem and explained how can I improve my diet. He planned a personalized meal plan, explained and ask me to eat accordingly. Mr Siddeq will have a follow-up with me once a week (using video call), and sometimes he will ask about my progress in the personal group chat.

Besides diet, Mr Siddeq also guided me in exercising. He suggested strength training and taught me the right way to use different muscle groups.

How was your result?

By following Diet Ideas's advice, I successfully gained 6kg in 3 months and increased around 5-10% muscle mass. I kept changing the weighing scale so unable to track it precisely.

Besides, I improved my bowel issue. Before that, I was slightly constipated and only use the bathroom 2 to 3 times a week. But now, I move my bowel every day! 

What do you like about the service?

  1. 1
    Diet Ideas's dietitian which is Mr Siddeq, is very professional and detailed, he explained in a way that I can understand
  2. 2
    Diet Ideas's dietitian cares about their clients. Mr Siddeq does not just put me aside once I made the payment, but is very concerned about my progress.
  3. 3
    The service’s price is affordable and worth the money.

What do you think we can improve?

Overall I am very satisfied with the package.

If really have to say something, I hope I can have one face-to-face training session with their expert , as I am afraid I use the muscle wrongly. But it is not necessarily, haha!

Will you recommend Diet Ideas to your friends and family?

Yes, of course!

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