How she lost 23 kg: From102 kg to 79 kg, this is not Mission Impossible!

Meet Pn Masnewati from Sabah, 37 years old and is a chef.

She enjoy food very much, and can't imagine to give up food.

She was diagnosed with high cholesterol and hypertension, and difficult in movement due to her weight.

Pn Masnewati told that the biggest challenge for her is to reduce her food portion. As she really eat a lot!

As food is easy access to her, and they are so delicious, it is impossible for her to look at them but not eating them.

Not until she met Diet Ideas. She was able to face this challenge much easier.

Mohd Siddeq Azha Bin Azahari


Sid is the dietitian who work with Pn. Maneswati.

According to Sid, dietitian not only help in the way of losing weight, but also emphasize on disease management such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, cancer and so on.

"Maneswati is a working women with busy schedule, and this is a challenge for her. We have our consultation through online and follow up her for 3 months in a private WhatsApp group. Besides, she can ask in the group if there is any question or challenges." , he said.

Do you feel any difference since you took the program with Diet Ideas?

Definitely. I learnt a lot from Siddeq. After consultation with Sid, I realized the way

I eat was wrong.

Even though I try to only eat 1 meal per day, the quantity exceed what I need for a day. It is no wonder I failed to lose weight and developed so many health issues.

Now I am very excited to weight my body every week. As I understand with my discipline, and follow the advices given by Siddeq, there is no way I can't see the transformation.

In my opinion, I think it as a necessary, especially for people who has health issues like me. This is because it helps you to understand what is the right way to eat, lose weight healthily, no need to starve yourself and no need to consume any supplement.

Now not only I feel more healthy, more energetic and relief from the problem of walking difficulty.

Most importantly, I become more confident since I joined this program. Thank you, Diet Ideas.


102 kg


79 kg

" It's not surprising that Pn. Maneswati able to successfully lose weight, as we dietitian know how to tailor a personalized meal according to client's need. But for the client herself, she feels it's like a magic!"

This is not a rare case. Actually everyone can lose weight and maintain it sustainably, as long as you know the right steps and keep the mindset."

If you have any health issue and wish to know if we can help, welcome to connect with us