Tube-feeding is the insertion of a Ryle's’ tube to the gastrointestinal tract to assist feeding. It may be inserted through the nose, mouth or specific sites at the stomach and intestinal tract. Tube-feeding may be required in various cases such as stroke that affects the ability to swallow, sedated/unconscious individuals, gastrointestinal surgeries or as an assistance in feeding cases where oral route and/or swallowing proves difficult.

As the Ryles’ tube is a specialized medical equipment, great care is needed for its maintenance and its usage in dietary intake, which will strictly involves the use of Oral Nutritional Supplement (ONS).

Nutrition Consultation

  1. 1
    Personalized and individualized approach for your specific lifestyle and conditions
  2. 2
    Disease-specific dietary adjustment
  3. 3
    Disease-specific choices and indications of ONS
  4. 4
    Quality and pricing of ONS

Supporting & Its Improvement

  1. 1
    Goals, motivation and expectation of improvement
  2. 2
    Understanding disease-specific physiological view and its possible medical complications
  3. 3
    Myth and facts surrounding the diseases-specific
  4. 4
    Quality, usage and maintenance of Ryle's’ tube and tube feeding
  5. 5
    Cases where ONS is inapplicable
  6. 6
    Resources and support for ONS obtainment

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