We have successfully started our operation in Peninsular Malaysia for YO-DIET High Protein Snacks (Chicken Floss Flavour) yesterday & in Sabah about 3 weeks ago. We have received quite an encouraging responses from people in Sabah with 1000 units of individual products sold! Kudos to the YO-DIET team in Sabah. What’s interesting, modus operandi of selling the products were only using ‘power of words’, where every individuals who has purchased has been giving their best feedbacks regarding the products and spreading the words to their pals! We are indeed very happy to see the outcome. Our high protein snacks are absolutely delicious, rich in protein & other nutrients, and of course -it’s lower in calories!

However, it’s a whole different stories when we launched our YO-DIET in Peninsular. Since, most of the city people are all working & minding their own business, the power of words seems does not work well here. However, the approach is more towards social media engagements and technologies! 90% of the website buyers are all from Peninsular Malaysia, and only 7% and 3% are from Sabah & Sarawak respectively!

Thank you for believing in our product. We promised to deliver the best and your satisfaction is our priority! AND we are also expanding our delivery service to international – Philipines, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand & Vietnam.

We are doing the best for YO-DIET FOR YOU!

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