Diet Ideas is proud to produce our first ever healthy snack under the brand of YO-DIET. YO is derived from the word YOUR, & DIET is the root word of Dietitian and also diet itself. These combination of words bring the connotation of a healthy snack that is curated by a dietitian – that keep your calories checked & avoid you from taking extra calories & some unwanted extra nutrients inside your food. Hence , our snack is the perfect snack for YO-DIET!

YO-DIET comes with 3 variants – high protein snack, reduced carbo snack & low fatty snack.

And the first variant that we produce is our HIGH PROTEIN SNACK with the CHICKEN FLOSS FLAVOUR! The crunchiness & balance of the taste, makes every bites joyful, despite the “Diet” idea behind!

If you are on your journey to lose weight, or if you are on your journey to gain muscle – this is it! Start YO-DIET with us, and get your free consultation from your us! Hope you are happy with our Diet Ideas!

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