It’s good to be able to write again! Congratulations to those who just opened this article! Today’s world, there are a lot of informations related to health and nutritions. There are a lot of great and reliable informations. However, there are also an informations that are manipulating people’s minds. Far from science, and even far from prevention and cure. Hence, when you opened this article, it’s already proved that you are ONE STEP AHEAD from others who just read information from unreliable sources!

Now, when we talk about Diabetes, people often have a BIG misconception, that having a diabetes, means, it’s the end of their life. You no longer can eat all those sweets and delicious foods, and some people went far to the extend, that they need to cut sugar as well as rice! NO! DON’T DO THAT! Because, at the end of the day, as a human being, we want to make sure that we are healthy and happy. Being healthy and happy means, you are able to share and experience some good moments together in life with your friends and family.

Let’s get one example:

Michael, 38 years old guy, suffered from diabetes, however, his diabetes now is under control as he did not eat all sweet foods, rice, noodles, bread because he read from the internet that, this way can help him to reverse his diabetes. Yes. By practising that, he did managed to control his blood glucose. One day, his family having a celebration, where his wife, kids and extended family are enjoying all the good foods, cakes and as he have some food restrictions, he could not enjoy that. But, he thought that, maybe it’s time to have some “cheat day” and he eats like crazy, at the end of the day, his blood glucose spikes up again. All his 3 months efforts are gone just like that!

Is he healthy? Is he happy?

No, he is not healthy, he is also not happy. At first, people would say that he already managed to reverse his diabetic conditions. But, the moment he touched all the sweet foods, his blood sugar spikes up, and definitely he is not happy. Not being able to enjoy the day with a happy heart has already indirectly disturb his quality of life.

As a dietitian, especially in Diet Ideas, we do not want this to happen. We want you to enjoy your food intake, and at the same time being happy!
Hence, when you have a diabetes, the first thing you should do, is to always consult your dietitian. Dietitian has the power to make your food as a medicine. We will help you to calculate how much carbohydrates you can eat at one time, how much cakes you can eat at one time and many more, and at the same time, understanding how food can become your medicine, so that, in the future, your doctor may stop your medication intake, and trust me, happy moment like that is always priceless to us in Diet Ideas as well as to our clients. No amount of money could bring your happiness and health again.

Understanding personalized diabetic diet according to your body is very important to ensure food becomes your medicine and for you to have a good quality of life in the future.

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