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Take Charge Of Your Health With Bluey Anywhere

Introducing Diet Ideas your ultimate companion on the journey to a healthier, happier you! This innovative diet app is designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, offering a personalized and sustainable approach to achieving your wellness goals.

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My Diet Program

Join our intensive program, register a service programme, and achieve your health goals within 1-3 months with close monitoring by our diet and nutrition expert.

My Health Records

You can easily submit your health records such as Blood Test Reports, Body Check Up Reports, and Sugar Level Reports to your assigned dietician or upload them for review.

Dicover Diet Ideas

Explore a world of nutritious possibilities with "Discover Diet Ideas," where you can peruse health and diet blogs and access resources recommended by your dietician.


View feedbacks from users, submit your own feedback, and rate your experience to help improve the expertise of Diet Ideas' experts.

Nutrition Tourism

Explore nutrition tourism destinations and discover diet ideas while enjoying popular vacation spots with recommended healthy foods.

Diet Ideas Lifestyle Shop

Enhance your wellness journey at Diet Ideas Lifestyle shop, where you can purchase a range of nutritious supplements, wholesome snacks, and sports equipment for a fitter lifestyle.

Healthy Foods Around Me

Discover a wealth of delicious healthy meals near you; order expert-recommended, healthy, and nutritional foods through Healthy Foods Around Me.

How to Book Appointment

Guide To Booking An Appointment
For A Service Programme

Navigate to the Schedule page and click on the "New Appointment" button.

Choose a service programme to book an appointment.

Select your desired date and time for the appointment.

Once you're satisfied with the details, click the "Confirm" button to secure your booking.

Should you need to reschedule, just return to the Schedule page and select the appointment you wish to adjust.


Consult A Dietition & Nutritionist Online With Diet Ideas

With Diet Ideas, you can schedule virtual consultations with experienced professionals, ensuring that your dietary choices align with your individual health goals. Whether you’re aiming for weight management, sports nutrition, or specific dietary restrictions, our team of experts is here to provide tailored advice and practical strategies.

Those Who Are Happy After Joining Our Program


I thought it was impossible to get pregnant, I lost 8kg and my period came late. Now, I am in my pregnancy journey, thanks to Diet Ideas.


I got a lot of information on proper diet, exercise to build muscle and how to maintain my lifestyle after I have finished the program.


Appreciate for all your good words and never fail to encourage me to lose more weight. Thank you again Sid and Diet Ideas team.


Super good, really knowledgeable, supportive individuals. Made getting into shape so easy and simple for me.


I surrender myself to Diet Ideas. They gave me miracles, my blood sugar improving and I can enjoy all my food intake


After I was informed about my kidney problem, I only ate white rice & biscuits. However, after I registered with Diet Ideas, I can enjoy my meal again as the dietitian taught me the proper diet for kidney problems


Before I started joining Diet Ideas, my blood glucose level spike up to 8.9. Now the reading has improved to 5.7


The day I fainted because of my crash diet was the day I decided to join Diet Ideas. I was glad I met them, as I no longer felt dizzy yet I was still losing weight. In 2 months time, I lost 5kg with them, after my weight was stagnant at 88kg

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