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Ms. A. 54, Chinese, Female Office Worker

''So far, this is my 2nd week, since I started the meal plan suggested by Diet Ideas’s dietitian. I can say it is doing good and with some adjustment needed to suit my body and health condition. The meal plan is simple, well paced out and surprising, it gives me good energy levels throughout the day. The dietitian took into consideration the quirk and needs of my body, suggesting changes where necessary. It’s still a work in progress in some areas. I feel I have sufficient energy to start exercising again, with daily walks, which I couldn’t manage before from tiredness. I am hopeful for more improvements. The dietitian is patient and attentive to my body needs and aspirations. Thanks for journeying with me.''

Mr. Y 27, Indian, Male, Engineer

''Apart from guiding me to lose weight, I have gained more knowledge via diet ideas, especially on nutrients, calorie intake, to have a balanced diet and how to do it without getting into strict diet & follow blindly. As I'm mostly on-the-road kind of person, I travel a lot due to work so it gets harder to be on a strict diet or follow a specific set of food. With help of the dietitian and Diet Ideas, I get to explore options on my own and consume balanced diet food and within my calories. Diet Ideas taught me how to be healthier. After my programme with Diet Ideas, I am now able to read food labels, count calories, differentiate nutrient content wise. Will forever be thankful and grateful to the dietitian & Diet Ideas. It’s really helpful for me to plan my own meal.''

Ms. L. L 24, Malay, Female

"Untuk 2 session saya tahu berkenaan diet lifestyle yang selama ni saya amalkan x beberapa betul, dengan kepentingan pengambilan fiber. Selain itu mengenai cholestrol dalam badan pun baru saya tahu ada beberapa type yang saya patut alert. Dan juga dalam masa 2 session ni juga saya dapat turunkan berat badan, dan dapat betulkan pemakanan saya dari saya selalu makan tak menentu (skip breakfast) sampai lah sekarang dalam masa seminggu boleh consistent untuk mengambil breakfast, dan ada challenge yang diberikan untuk betulkan diet seharian saya."

Ms. F. N, 48, Malay, Female

"Terima kasih ya dietitian diatas perkongsian ilmu. Saya banyak belajar dari dietitian. Sebelum ni tak tau pun macam mana nak baca label makanan sekarang dah peka. Sebelum ni rasa nak exercise macam leceh je, tapi sekarang lepas dah tau macam macam jenis exercise rasa seronok. Mudah nak faham apa yang dietitian terang. Sedih jugak dah habis sesi ... rasanya macam banyak lagi boleh belajar dari dia. Banyak ilmu untuk memilih makanan berzat, tips and tricks nya dan banyak / variety pula menu-menu nya. Nanti nak tambah ilmu lagi dengan dietitian."

Ms. R. M 49, Malay, Female, Kindergarten Teacher

"Saya rasa lebih faham dari segi kalori intake. Juga berkenaan dengan kiraan kalori. Pengambilan kalori harian perlu lebih rendah dari keperluan harian kalori supaya berat dapat diturunkan. Saya juga dah boleh rancang meal harian supaya memenuhi kuota yang diperlukan."

Weight Loss

Md Sayfullah Al Noman Ranak
27, Middle-Eastern, Male, IT

3 Months Programme Results :
Weight : 92.0kg to 89.3kg (-3.7kg)
Hip : 40.0cm to 39.2cm (-0.8cm)
Waist : 37.7cm to 37.2cm (-0.5cm)

Weight Loss

Masnewati Abdul Rahman
36, Bumiputera Sabah, Female F&B Worker

3 Months Programme Results :
Weight : 102.1kg to 91.1kg (-11.0kg)

Felt easier to move around
Felt more energetic
Able to calorie count correctly
Less stress in ''dieting'' down

Casual Follow-up 6 Months After :
Weight : 91.1kg to 72.0kg (-19.1kg)

Weight Gain

Liew Shan Kun
28, Chinese, Male, Site Supervisor

3 Months Programme Results :
Weight : 54.7 kg to 61.0 kg (+6.0kg)

Increase Muscle Mass
Better Posture
  • Diabetes Management

    Raihanah Abdullah
    57, Malay, Female, Lecturer

    3 Months Programme Results :

    Improved HbA1c from 6.7 to 6.0

    "I felt like the dietitian gave as many information to me to implement as they could such as eating suggestions (meal plan) that's good (ex. example of meals, snacking). I'm very satisfied with PDI. All the best."

  • Chronic Kidney Disease

    Anis Khalim
    30, Malay, Female, Insurance

    1 Month Programme Results :

    "Get to cut off my medicine doses. Thank you my specialist and dietitian.
    Banyak sangat improvement. Ya Allah syukur sangat sangat"

  • Diabetes Management &
    Weight Loss

    38, Indian, Male, Executive Coordinator

    1 Month Programme Results :
    Weight : 79.8kg to 77.5kg (-2.3kg)
    Fasting Blood Serum (FBS) : 7.2mmol/L to 4.4mmol/L (-2.8mmol/L)

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