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Engage Diet Ideas For Your Employees Health
Fun Facts

Diet Ideas Fun Facts

Most Malaysians will have the tendency to stress eating whenever they have piles of work in the office, which leads to higher BMI, increase cholesterol level and risk of developing diabetes or chronic illness which potentially reduce productivity and company’s performance.

Our Package

Diet Ideas Corporate Package

In Diet Ideas, we provide six types of corporate package:

Complete Employee Health Programme

• RM1500.00
• Engage your employees with our comprehensive nutrition program to boost motivation for a healthier lifestyle!
• This physical event is recommended to be done for half a day (5 hours) and time extension is adjustable
• One (1) Hour Nutrition and Health Talk
• Nutrition Booth - Body Composition Analysis and Quick Individual Nutrition Consultation for 40 - 50 people

Nutrition Talk

• RM500.00
• Enlighten and increase your employee's nutritional health knowledge and literacy with our eye-opening nutrition sharing
• Topic ranges from weight loss, diseases like diabetes and cholesterol, cancer, PCOS, and nutrition for an active lifestyle in our program
• This physical or virtual talk may take one (1) hour with Q&As

Nutrition Booth

• RM1200.00
• Let your employees learn the inner health of their physical body with our comprehensive body composition analysis
• Covers body fat, muscle mass, metabolic age, visceral fat and more
• Learn further with a quick individual nutrition consultation for a kickstart to a healthier change
•This physical event is recommended to be done for half a day (5 hours) and time extension is adjustable

Healthy Meals Provision in Collaboration with

• Starts From RM20/pax
• Support your employee's healthy changes with our delicious, dietitian-certified and healthy ready-to-heat meals
• Simply thaw, microwave and it's ready to be eaten - fresh as new and definitely tasty
• Our meals may be arranged to come fresh and ready-to-eat upon arrival

Our Corporate Clients

Snippet Of Our Corporate Event

Corporate Blue Membership - Our Intensive Employee Nutritional Wellness Programme

• Transform your employee's health with our proven nutrition consultation program
• Includes individual nutrition consultation, nutrition resources, dietitian access, meal plan, calorie tracker and our Close Monitoring feature
• Comes with a complimentary Nutrition Talk, Nutrition Booth and more!
• Contact us to learn more

Long-Term Nutrition Care For Employees

• RM19.90/pax/month with Minimum 100 Employees and 2 Year Contract
• Assist your employees with a long term nutrition chat support with personal dietitian
• Access personalized feedback, nutritional guidance, and expert insights from our experienced dietitian at your fingertips

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