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FAQ Diet Ideas Sales Process

You can purchase our services in our Diet Ideas App (Google Play store // Apple App Store) by clicking ‘Book a Service Programme’. Follow the instructions to complete your purchase. If you have any questions or need further information about our programs, you can also chat with our dietitian for personalized assistance and guidance. Please click here to speak with our Dietitian.

We accept payment through several convenient methods, including:

  • Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Online Banking

Yes, you can pay for our services in installments. We offer a 2x installment plan with a 60-40 payment term. You will make an initial payment of 60% at the time of purchase, and the remaining 40% will be due within a one-month period. Please note that installment payments can only be made through online banking; cash or credit card payments are not eligible for this option. If you prefer to use a credit card, you may proceed with a one-time payment and inquire about flexible installment options from your bank.

Yes, we have a minimum purchase requirement for our 2x installment plan. To be eligible for installment payments, the minimum purchase amount is RM 1000, and the program duration must be three months or longer.

If the payer fails to make the second payment by the specified due date, the company reserves the right to pursue legal action to recover the outstanding amount, and the payer shall be liable for all costs and expenses associated with such action. We recommend contacting our customer support team as soon as possible to discuss any payment issues and possible solutions to avoid any such situation. Your satisfaction and well-being are important to us, and we are here to assist you. Please click here to talk with our customer support team.

Unfortunately, once the initial payment is made, the payment method cannot be changed for the remaining installment(s). Please ensure you select the preferred payment method before completing your purchase.

Yes, we prioritize the security of your payment information. We use industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect your data. Your payment details are processed securely.

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance with the sales process, please feel free to contact our customer support team here. We're here to help and provide you with the information you need.

FAQ Diet Ideas Service

Our Nutrition Consultation Programme is a comprehensive programme to guide and help our clients achieve their nutritional goals. We have a selection of more than 16 programmes, each catering to specific nutrition issues from weight management, muscle gain, diabetes, cancer, tube-feeding, PCOS and even those that need a safe and rapid weight loss!

The Nutrition Consultation Programmes employs the Nutrition Assessment, Personalized Nutrition Consultation as well as our Close Monitoring feature throughout the programme. Additionally, the programme also includes Personalized Meal Plan, the Generic Meal Plan and Nutrition Resources to further assist our client’s journey. As a closure, the programme provides a Progress Report as a reflection and introspection of your programme. 

To read further on each item, please refer to the FAQ below.

Our Nutrition Consultation Programme starts with the Nutrition Assessment, where our dietitian will inquire a thorough picture of your issue and provide the first round of suggestions. Once the Nutrition Assessment has ended, the client may utilize the Close Monitoring feature for updates, discussion and progression while waiting for the next Personalized Nutrition Consultation. The Personalized Meal Plan and Generic Meal Plan will also be given after the Nutrition Assessment has ended.

On the next Personalized Nutrition Consultation, our dietitian will do a follow-up to the suggestions that were given, as well as to your changes and utilization of the Personalized Meal Plan. During this new session, the client may confide to our dietitian on their nutritional success, problems and concerns. Our dietitian will help you to maneuver through your nutritional problems through discussion and new suggestions. Additionally, our dietitian will also provide new knowledge and further suggestions to assist you better to achieve your nutritional goals. Nutrition Resources will be provided accordingly for the client’s further learning or revision.

Afterward, the client may again utilize the Close Monitoring feature as before. The next and consecutive Personalized Nutrition Consultation will progressively help the client to better equip themselves for their goals.

On the final Personalized Nutrition Consultation, our dietitian will wrap-up the progress of the client and provide an introspective discussion as a reflection for the client. Further discussions, learning and suggestions can still be done.

Once the final Personalized Nutrition Consultation ends, the client will be given a Progress Report for their reference of their journey, success and learning with Diet Ideas. Afterward, the programme ends.

Our Nutrition Assessment is a consultation to thoroughly inquire and assess our client’s condition in a simple ABC&D, from Anthropometry (related to weight), Biochemical (related to blood work), Clinical (related to medical aspect) and of course, Dietary. This is done to get a more complete understanding and picture of the client’s lifestyle and issues, and how it may affect their goals.

Additionally, this is also where goals and expectations are set, as well as to set the flow of consultation for the whole programme. There are further assessments that our dietitian will do ranging from exercises, lifestyle, past attempts and so on; which is based on the suitability of the issue. The first round of nutrition suggestions will be given at the end of the session.

Our Personalized Consultation is a nutrition consultation to help our client improve their knowledge, attitude and practicality according to their health and nutrition goals.

The Personalized Consultation caters specifically to the individual client in terms of its approach, knowledge and progression. The consultation will revolve around nutrition learning, discussion and problem-solving.

In terms of nutrition learning and discussion, personalization takes into account the individual’s preferred mode of learning, knowledge level, inquiries, curiosity, appropriateness and depth of knowledge.

In terms of problem solving, the personalization takes into the individual’s preferences such as dietary choices and preferences; individual’s lifestyle such as economical factors, food availability and life schedule; and individual’s sign and symptoms such as cravings and hunger. However the life that the individual has, the personalization will take it into account and discussion to give the best outcome for their nutrition goals. 

Our Personalized Meal Plan is a meal plan that's designed to fit the needs and preference of our client to ensure a smooth practicality of their nutrition habit to achieve their health and nutrition goals.

The Personalized Meal Plan caters specifically to the individual client in terms of its calorie requirement and macronutrient in relation to their health goals and medical diagnosis (if there’s any).

The personalization takes into account the individual’s lifestyle and preferences such as personal meal timing, dietary preferences, dietary restriction, dietary beliefs and of personal preferences (for example; eating out, cooking by themselves, food delivery, favourite food place and so on). 

To curate the meal plan, our dietitian will do a thorough Nutrition Assessment of the client, which either takes 1 hour for our Nutrition Consultation Service Programme or 20 minutes if the request is just on the meal plan. The preferences stated previously are to be communicated within this Nutrition Assessment. 

The personalized meal plan for the nutrition consultation service programme comes out as 4 whole days of suggestion for most of our offering. This will be given 2 working days after the nutritional assessment.

Should there be a request for just a meal plan, it comes in the form of 1, 4, 7, 15 or 30 days of meal plan. The meal plan will be sent in 1, 2 3, 5 or 7 working days after the assessment, respectively. The 30 days meal plan consists of 15 unique days, with another of the 15 days being the mix-matching between the meals of the first 15 days.

An example of our personalized meal plan is as follows, which is of a particular Ms. J. We've removed the client's name per privacy policy. Ms. J is a 44 years old, female, Indian who comes for weight loss with a medical history of kidney stone and gall bladder stone. She started with an obese class III weight at 140.7kg. 

You can view our personalized meal plan here

For the personalization, the dietitian has taken into account her usual food intake, her problem with skipping breakfast, late lunch and complaints of food that personally cause bloating for her. Several other socio-economic factors were taken into consideration, which Ms. J has disclosed to her dietitian. The additional information given in the meal (in this case, the carbohydrate (CHO) exchange) depends on case per case basis.

Our Generic Meal Plan is a meal plan that is meant to give an overview or a picture of how a meal plan may look like for the range of individuals that may fit the criteria, but not to an extent of specific individualization.

The Generic Meal Plan covers the general needs of a general range of population for the specific issue. It is not personalized and may not cover the specific needs and preferences of an individual.

For example, our Generic Meal Plan for Weight Gain have 3 target range of population based on the calorie needs, which is 1800kcal, 2200kcal and 2500kcal. An individual trying to gain weight may have a calorie need that’s close to any of these 3 targets, and thus made the meal plan generally applicable to them. However, it doesn’t take into account the individual’s preference and thus may not fit specifically for the individual. Additionally, there is variance of numbers in terms of calorie needs and macronutrient, which is different for each individual needs and their nutrition goal.

Our Close Monitoring feature is a feature that’s created to maintain constant communication between our dietitian and clients. This constant communication helps to foster constant habit, tracking of changes, motivation, accountability of action, problem-solving, further understanding and so on, that extends well past the Personalized Consultation session.

The Close Monitoring is made available through the chat feature between our dietitian and the client. The client are strongly encouraged to update their progress to our dietitian such as weight changes, blood monitoring reading (if applicable), signs and symptoms and especially their dietary habits (meal intake) of the day. The client may also voice their nutrition concern or problem through the chat feature, and our dietitian will get right to it! Additionally, the client may also ask about food choices, food suggestions, new knowledge information and essentially, any nutrition-related inquiries.

For example, a client may update their meals throughout the day and our dietitian will comment on its suitability for their goal. The dietitian may also suggest changes that can be done to further improve their dietary habits. The client may also ask whether a certain food item they have come across is suitable for their goals and on how much they can consume of it. The inquiries are endless and our dietitian will facilitate you with their best ability!

Our Nutrition Resources is a knowledge document to further enhance the knowledge and understanding of our client towards a nutrition topic. It may also act as a reference and revision for the client’s deeper understanding.

The Nutrition Resource comes in different formats from slide, infographic, poster, lists, journal articles and so on. It also comes in different topics that can cater to the different and specific nutrition issues. The Nutrition Resource will be given accordingly to the client’s needs, and will be given as a soft-copy.

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